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I have a passion and you might say addiction to taking pictures and sharing them, I have yet to find my purpose in life but until then it’s what brings me the greatest pleasure and purpose.

Self taught and maybe a somewhat abstract in how I present things daily, but most days I just try to share what’s in front of me or on my mind at that moment. I am 65 years old this year so considered at risk for Covid-19 as many people are, but I am still active and run daily to promote physical and mental well being.

Finally got a new “professional” camera and am very excited to what I will be able to produce with it…hopefully becoming a better photographer along the way… 🙂

I manage this website and my original name and site, along with several Facebook pages, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn

In the coming months I hope to get better at video as well…but that takes good equipment to do it right and I just have amature capabilities now with GoPro and iPhone 11

remembering our home in Paradise, CA before the fire….”those were the days my friend…..I thought….”

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fyi…my original site was, and will now be used to share important info from the day…during this time, we all need to stay updated as much as possible

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"images of life"
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